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Sikkim Culture

The name of the state, Sikkim, is believed to be derived from the words Limbu Su meaning new and Khyim meaning citadel or house. However, the Tibetan name for the state is Denjong, denoting valley of rice. Sikkim is considered as the second smallest state (subsequent to Goa) of India with a bare minimum population ratio. The state is bordered by the mighty Himalayan ranges. It shares its political boundaries with China to the North-East, Bhutan in the South-West, Nepal in the Western side and West Bengal to the South respectively.

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Sikkim is a wonderful hill station with exquisite picturesque locations and dense foliage at certain places among the mighty peaks of the Himalayas. It enjoys a temperate climate with all five seasons – spring, summer, monsoon, autumn and winter. It obtains regular snowfall as well. The state takes pride in hosting the highest mountain peak of the Himalayas (the third highest in the world), the Kanchenjunga. The peak ranges to a height of about 8’586 metres. The river Teesta flowing by the land is supposed to be the lifeline of the state. Apart from few terrace farming methods, hardly any other cultivation is carried out in Sikkim because of the rock-strewn, graveled undulations. Few crops like ginger, oranges, apples, tea and orchids are grown here. Cardamom is the state’s main cash crop. The unfrozen Gurudongmar Lake, Khecheopalri Lake and the Tsongmo Lake are the other attractions of the land. It also has several hot springs like the Borang, Ralang, Taram-Chu, Phurchachu and Yamthung, rich with therapeutic and healing uses.

Sikkim has a spectacular balance of flora and fauna with stunning natural tourist attractions. The Rhododendron is the state tree. The other plant life includes figs, bananas, orchids and sal and bamboo trees followed by the birches, maple, chestnuts, alders, magnolias and oaks in the temperate elevations. The alpine-vegetation comprises pines, firs, cypresses and juniper. Dendrobium Nobile, an orchid, is the official flower of the state. The barking deer, Himalayan marmot, the Bhoral, the musk deer, the Himalayan black bear, the langur, the serow, and the goral are a few members of the fauna world of the state. The yak, found chiefly in the alpine areas, is in demand for their milk, meat and other domestic uses.  Birds like the crimson horned pheasant, Impeyan pheasant, griffon vultures, lammergeyer, snow partridge and snow cock are seen in these areas. The Red Panda is the state animal.

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English is the official language of the state. Other languages also practiced are Hindi, Bhutia, Lepcha, Magar, Nepali, Majhi etc. Gangtok is the most prominent town of Sikkim. The people of Sikkim celebrate popular Indian festivals like Christmas, Diwali and Dusshera along with their traditional Buddhist festivals like Losar (Tibetan New Year), Saga Dawa, Drupka Teshi, Loosong, Lhabab Duechen and Bhumchu.

The most common dishes in Sikkim are chiefly noodle-based like chowmein, thukpa, gyathuk, fakthu and wonton. Steamed dumplings called the Momos, stuffed with vegetables or meats (buff or pork) are hot favourite snacks. Alcohol is quite cheap here.

The Sikkim government has taken initiatives to promote tourism in the state. Be it scenic beauty, food or shopping – tourists would really carry back fond and everlasting memories on their visit to this wonderful state.

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Locations: Delhi + Bagdogra + Darjeeling + Gangtok + Kalimpong + Bagdogra + Delhi

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