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India is a land of diversified destinations, festivals, cuisines, cultures and languages.

Very much evident from the map of India, the country is bordered with Arabian Sea on its West, Indian Ocean down South and Bay of Bengal to its East. Quite naturally India hosts a number of sea beaches which egg on global tourists to visit the lands with mystic blue horizons. The pristine beaches in different parts of the country therefore beckon one to visit the Indian shores and treasure the briny-saccharine memories forever! India hosts wonderful hill stations with exquisite picturesque locations among the mighty peaks of the mountain ranges. Be it scenic beauty or tranquility of the places – tourists would really carry back fond and everlasting memories on their visit to the snow capped summits. India is a land of festivals and celebrations.

All the major fairs and festivals organized throughout the year not only enhance the spirit of humanity but boosts universal brotherhood as well. India is a secular state, and it is a matter of pride that these fairs and festivals are enjoyment and unanimous efforts of all Indians. Indian cuisines vary from region to region, state to state. Indians believe that the easiest way to a person’s heart is through his/her stomach. So whenever a tourist emerges onto this land of spices, the person gets a taste of an array of various Indian lip smacking dishes. Apart from the numerous treasures and attractions of India, another striking feather on her hat is the assortment of various high spirited, invigorating and revitalizing adventure sports which summon tourists from far and wide to visit India and taste the buzz. Wildlife safaris are special attractions to tourists visiting India as well. There are some of the most prominent wildlife sanctuaries where one can visit and savour the enchantment of wandering among the wilds!

Thus it goes without saying that there are more than one reason so as to why India is considered as one of the major tourist attractions globally.

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